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Fangirl Says

Zaxby's Zalads points?

I ended up getting to eat out twice in one week, whoot! We went to Zaxby's and I had one of their salads (err, "Zalads"), but they didn't have nutritional information available so I could calculate points (I also tried the Zaxby's website and it was no help.) Anybody have any idea what to do?

It included basic salad fixings and:

A small grilled chicken breast, cut into slices (I'm figuring 3 or 4 points for that)
Shredded cheese...I'd estimate 2 or 3 oz. (Figuring 3 points for that)
"light" ranch dressing -- ( I have no idea, so I'm guessing 4 points)
fried onions -- I removed as many of these as I could, but I still probably ended up eating a tablespoon or so (any idea what that would be?)

Ugh. Pretty high on the pointage for a glorified salad. Anyway, I need an idea of how much to count it for -- would 13 or 14 points be reasonable?

Thanks for any help!
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