charlotte corday (in_da_lifeworld) wrote in dieting_foodies,
charlotte corday

x-posted to a few comms i joined, sorry.

Age: 23
Height: 5'4"
Current Weight: 229
Starting Weight: 229!
Total Loss: id like to lose 100 lbs eventually
Goal Weight 1: 189lbs
Goal Weight 2: 149lbs
Any Other Comments/Concerns? i have been wearing the plus sizes since i was at least 13. i lost 50 lbs in my first year of college. now its 5 years later and i gained it all back plus 10.

i am doing this because i want more energy and im tired of being fat. i do burlesque and im tired of people constantly bringing up how awesome it is that id dance like that given the fact i am (insert euphemism for fat involving dig at superficial mainstream society). i like making my clothes and buying them online and all (for originality) but it would be nice to walk by something in a store downtown and just be able to wear it. shallow, i know. needing more shallowness? my boyfriend is skinny and im jealous.
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